Who and What

Hi. My Name is Henrik Mikael Kristensen. I own a small company called HMK Design.

HMK Design is a Danish one-person company dedicated to bringing powerful REBOL based technologies and solutions to the web and the desktop.

The company is based on the idea that building BSD licensed open source technologies in-house and handing them for free to other developers, who use, test and help maintain them, is enough to push the development of stable, well-designed, no-nonsense software for the web and the desktop.


This company eats its own medicine. This website is developed with REBOL, using the powerful HTML dialect and running on the high performance Cheyenne webserver, also written in REBOL.

Using REBOL offers power and leverage toward minimal maintenance, rock stable systems that run for years without modification, and I've spent 11 years working with it. Ideas and technologies are developed and tested among other developers in the friendly REBOL community.

These technologies eventually become off-the-shelf tools for building the software that HMK Design and other companies sell.


If you are a REBOL developer, feel free to study, use or contribute to the projects available on this site. They are all BSD licensed.